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Digital Cinema

U-Reach has abundant experiences working with Digital Cinema corporations around the world, especially in US, Europe, and Asia. We understand the strict demands of what the industry entail, which led U-Reach to design and manufacture industrial-quality data duplication systems to meet or exceed those requirements.

All of U-Reach’s duplication systems are integrated with efficiency, quality, reliability, and usage ease. Corporations supplying movies to every US theater cannot afford to risk hasteful equipment upgrades due to the time-critical nature, because down-time will cost thousands of dollars and such consideration is out of the question.

Many Digital Cinema industries, if not all, utilizes CRU or eSATA interfaces to duplicate their data. Integration of conversion adapters may induce incompatibilities and affect operation reliabilities. That is why U-Reach has partnered with CRU Inc. to develop solutions that are reliable.

From paper to product, our CRU Rackmount Series becomes an addition to our product line-up. Its exposure to the digital cinema industry is increasingly popular and is becoming well-received.

Our HDD/SSD CT Series has been praised for its flexible expandability, non-degradable speeds, and cost-effective ownership. This is one of our most popular duplication system that is utilized in the Digital Cinema industries.
We offer and develop solutions based on requirements. We look forward to working with you.

U-Reach's Core Technology

Our equipment is based on proprietary, embedded technologies. This enables individual ports to achieve 100% dedicated bandwidth for copying and writing speeds. We offer the highest performance, reliably, without speed degradation.

  • Daisy-Chain Technology – Provides flexibility and expandability as production demand grows. Leveraging its proprietary Multi-tasking technology, all copying targets are working with true independent channels so that reliability is sustained regardless of uncertainty introduced by devices connected.
  • Standalone – No PC or Software are required to operate. Quick-learning curve and efficiency equates to reduced downtime while increasing productions.
  • iSecurLog – An intelligent event logging tool for proof management and analytics, allowing users to monitor and record without disrupting productivity.
  • Read-Only Master - Our master port will never overwrite any data (e.g. Time-stamping) to your source device. It is truly a read-only port, leaving your source device in original condition.

All of U-Reach's duplicator systems are in compliance with ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043, and 27050; and have passed CE and FCC certifications.

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