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SD/MicroSD Card Duplicator and Sanitizer 1 to 39 (SD940S)

SD & MicroSD Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-39 (SD940S)
SD & MicroSD Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-39 (SD940S)
SD & MicroSD Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-39 (SD940S)

Main Features

001 vinetaStandalone, no PC required to operate the SD/MicroSD duplicator.
001 vinetaImpeccable copy speed of up to 2GB per min for each port and up to 120 ports.
001 vinetaCan handle the largest SD/MicroSD capacity available on the market.
001 vinetaSupports all types of data copy formats while executing bit-for-bit duplication.
001 vinetaSupport "Quick Copy" for Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), NTFS and FAT16/32, exFAT.
001 vinetaData Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, and DoD erase.
001 vinetaModular sockets enable easy maintenance.

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Product Description

The most cutting edge in duplication technology, our Intelligent 9 series SD/Micro SD duplicator is professional, standalone and efficient. It can duplicate a full range of SD/MicroSD memory cards starting from 7 and up to 119 targets. Speed and flexibility are key factors in satisfying customer needs. Effortless use means a PC or other software are not required; the SD/MicroSD memory card duplicator provides a reliable, worry-free copy environment for users without the risk of virus corruption. This Combo SD/MicroSD duplicator series is integrated with a high-speed compare function to ensure data copies with 100% accuracy. It also boasts quick format capabilities. These features greatly increase efficiency and production productivity.

The Intelligent 9 SD/MicroSD memory card duplicator is not only an efficient duplicator, but also has several ingenious smart device check functions: flash device quality check, real capacity, speed and device formatting.

The Intelligent 9 Combo SD/MicroSD duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via SD/MicroSD memory card. It contains smart, reliable and beneficial functions that provide an outstanding performance and quality that will save you time and money.

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