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USB Tower Duplicator 1 to 7 (UB808T)

Super 8 Series USB Duplicator 1-7 (UB808T)
Super 8 Series SB Duplicator 1-7 (UB808T)
Super 8 Series SB Duplicator 1-7 (UB808T)

Main Features

001 vinetaCapable of simultaneous duplication onto 11 targets with 2 GB/min transfer speed.
001 vinetaSupports the most current Flash drive capacities on the market (up to 2TB).
001 vineta2 Copy Modes: 1. Quick Copy 2. Whole Media Copy
001 vineta3 Data Wiping Modes: Quick Erase, Full Erase and DoD Erase.
001 vinetaStandalone device, no PC required for operation.
001 vinetaSupports the most current Flash drive capacities on the market.
001 vinetaExtensive Flash-Media testing & diagnostic tools.


Product Description

The Super8 USB Tower Series from U-Reach is the most economical solution for profesionally cloning USB thumb drives. We used our know-how from disc duplicator controllers in the past to design this USB copystation with user-friendliness, reliability and production safety in mind. Simply insert your master USB thumb drive into the source port and your target USB drives into the target ports. Now push OK to begin the duplication process.

With a copy speed of 33MB/sec on each port simultaneously the USB duplicator is faster than most USB 2.0 Sticks on the market. The system is always a lot faster than the used USB devices itself. In the end, the USB thumb drives are the bottleneck of your production.
As the copy is done with bit-by-bit copy mode the result will satisfy the user at any time. With the copy & compare function, you can even be 100% sure your new targets are exactly the same as your master.

If you are looking for duplicators with faster copy speeds or higher target numbers, please let us know or check out our other product lines. We'll be happy to point you to a solution that matches your duplication needs.

Our dupliacators are standalone devices, meaning no PC is required for operation. Just plug in the power cord of the system, turn on the unit and start the production.
The unit is operated with the internal Controller with 4 buttons and an LCD display which is very easy to operate.

For all our units U-Reach offers free firmware updates so we make sure there is a high compatibility to new chips and controllers in the market.


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