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What is uDISC for ?

uDISC is a sophisticated and portable duplicator which combines flash source devices and a disc drive. It can easily backup your flash source onto a CD/DVD disc (un-erasable if so desired). And this device can benefit:

1. Writer or Reporter: uDISC saves the work when their paper, thesis, article or report is done.
2. Photographer or journalist: uDISC lets them backup important pictures or images right away on their discs, especially when they are out on the fields.
3. Forensic officers: uDISC helps them make sure evidence collected can be safely filed and remains original.
4. Salesman: uDISC helps them create and pass on discs immediately to customers who cannot access their flash devices.

Can I put the data from different flash devices into a disc through uDISC?

With built-in multi-session function in uDISC, you can collect the data from different flash devices onto one disc. And if your data won't fit in one disc, through Disc-Spanning technology, uDISC can automatically calculate the number of discs needed, and copy your data onto multiple discs.

How long does it take to finish one round of DVD duplication with full 4.7GB data in source?

The duplication speed corresponds with the speed of disc and drive. U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator can support 24xDVD. As for the most popular 16x DVD disc, it takes around 5-6 minutes to finish one round of DVD duplication with full 4.7GB data in the source.

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