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What is the difference among SATA series, BD series and BD-L series duplicator?

Why would the duplication fail?

Mostly we find the compatibility issue between optical drives and discs is the main factor affecting the result of duplication. To get better quality duplications, it is recommended that you:

1. Make sure of the quality of the CD/DVD: the better the quality of the blank discs you use generally will give you better duplication results. A scratched Master disc or a disc with obvious physical damage may cause the duplication to fail.

2. Make sure you have the correct type of CD/DVD: If the source disc is a copy-protected disc, the result of duplication may fail; Also, if the blank disc is not compatible with the source disc, such as a copy from a DVD to a CD, or from DVD9 to DVD5, the duplication may fail.

3. Make sure the working environment is satisfactory: it is important to keep the duplicator in a clean environment. The fan on the rear of the duplicator should be kept clean and allowed enough space for air to flow.

4. Make sure the reader or the burner is stable: the reader and burner are the key to a successful duplication job. So it is also important to select a qualified reader and burner for the duplicator.

5. Make sure the duplicator is working with sufficient power supply.

Can I copy 80mm mini discs? Are there any limitation on discs' size or types?

U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator supports all sizes of CD/DVD discs, including mini discs. For the best duplication job, we strongly recommend you use qualified CD/DVD discs, and not to run duplication with different capacity discs.

What is the maximum speed my Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplicator can reach?

U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator supports 12xBD, 24xDVD and 52xCD duplication. However, disc copy speed depends on the disc itself and the drive. If you use a blank BD disc which support only up to 8x , then the real copy speed can only reach up to 8x maximum.

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