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HDD Sanitization

Since personal computer and internet are popularized, lots of important data are saved in HDD. It is in the risk of confidential info disclosure when corporation/personal users discard HDD.

To securely erase confidential data without being retrieved by recovery software is an important issue for every corporation/company. Information security is also considered as serious matter for government department, e.g. stolen of client personal info from banking industries; disclosure of patient personal info from hospital. A lot of countries have legislated related regulation to ensure information security of government dept. and personal information..

U-Reach HDD Eraser provides the erase method below with different models.

DoD Erase

This is to comply with the 5220.22M data erase security standard of U.S.A. Department of Defense 5220.22M Data erase standard to fully erase the HDD three times bit by bit and Verify once to ensure the data was completely erased. Besides that, it is able to adjust Overwrite Pattern. To overwrite with random pattern to much enhance data security.

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7 times Erase

This is to comply with the 5220.22M data erase security standard of U.S.A. Department of Defense, and erase HDD 7 times to enhance security.

Secure Erase

This erase method accords with NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, and activate hardware instruction to completely erase all the data, including the data area, HPA/DOS hidden area, and other unloadable area. This international authorized high standard Secure Erase function applies U-Reach Multi-Core Transfer Technology, is able to sanitize ten to hundred of HDD at the same time. The high work efficiency is ten times faster than PC.

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