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How to ?

... update your Firmware?

Step 1

Check your product model name,model number and system number.

check your product

Step 2

Contact U-Reach for Proper FW. Select the product catalog and download the firmware which matches to your U-Reach product.


Step 3

Unzip the file and save the BIOS(*.bin) on the root directory of the update media.


Step 4

Update BIOS: Insert the Flash media to Flash duplicator and select menu and go to [Utility]>>[Update System]

update bios

Step 5

Reboot: After update,reboot the system after 5 second.


... check System Number?

Step1: for Flash

Check menu and go to “ Information” >> ”System Info.”

system number 01

Step 1: for Disc/HDD

Check menu and go to “Utility” >> ”System Info.”

system number 02

Step 2

You will see the following.

system number 03

Step 3

Press ▼ you will see more information and System Number.

system number 04

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